Yuri Plastic Surgery Rumors: What Has This Girls Generation Member Had Done?

Yuri Plastic Surgery Before After

Yuri Plastic Surgery Rumors

It seems that the cosmetic surgery rumor will never end surrounding the Korean idol, and there is now a new rumor of drastic beauty transformation of Yuri, a member of Girls Generation. The plastic surgery rumors which close to its members make people called Girls Generation or SNSD as the “Plastic” Idol group.

Kwon Yuri who was born in South Korea, in 1989 is an idol singer, dancer and entertainer who recently became a member of Girls Generation or locally called SNSD, a pop girl band that never can be separated from plastic surgery rumor.

Well, we personally can said that plastic surgery is something legal that celebrities should do to enhance their beauty, but if it make them changing so drastically like people accused to Yuri SNSD, seems it wasn’t true anymore.

Although she has been signed with SM Entertainments which prohibit their actress undergoes plastic surgery, but SM Entertainment will have no policy if Yuri has been changed since before she was joined.

It also being a public acknowledges that SM Entertainment actually knows their actress undergone plastic surgery, but for the public image they always deny it. Actually Yuri is not the only one who was accused under plastic surgery among the SNSD members for her beauty transformation, the other member does. So when gossip about Yuri SNSD has drastic changing beauty due to plastic surgery, people wasn’t shocking anymore.

Yuri Plastic Surgery Includes?

People said that Yuri SNSD has done plastic surgery because they have compared her photos on pre debut of Girls Generation or SNSD with her recent picture. She is changing, not little but much and so drastically, strengthens the rumor that Yuri has undergone plastic surgery like her band mates did.

Yuri were accused doing eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, and could be jaw implant. Yuri was reported doing eyelid surgery as the gift from her mother for her birthday. Yuri’s eyes now look much bigger than before, make her sight looks so sharp and charming. Previously people said that her eyes bit narrowed and now it was changed, indicated that her eye has done through Blepharoplasty.

Her nose also looks sharper and well refined on the bridge where previously Yuri was reported having a little of piggy nose. Her nose looks much sharper and pointed on the tip, and then people believed that she has her nose done. Actually Yuri seems looks very natural here; until you see her closely, then you see that something unnatural was appear from her jaw line and her cheek bones. Those looks well shaped and indicated that she has done undergone jaw implant.

Yuri Plastic Surgery

Yuri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Like any other member of SNSD or Girl Generation of course Yuri was denies the rumor of plastic surgery for her drastic beauty changes. She said she is natural and with the help of SNSD make up actress make she looks so amazing. But in other side Yuri seems forget that her pre SNSD debut has widely spread on internet and public can observe it so easily. Watch out girl, you can run but you can’t hide here.

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