Taylor Swift Nose Job Rumors

Taylor Swift Nose Job

Taylor Swift Nose Job:Before and After

Taylor Swift is the innocent pop princess America, and the rest of the world, deserves. She is cute, blonde, peppy, somewhat down to earth, and even writes her own songs about boys who have double-crossed her. Somewhere along the way, Taylor Swift transformed from the quirky girl next door into a glamour model with deals from some of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. She still sells tickets based on her All-American girl act, but it is clear that she has a taste for glitz.

If you take an even closer look at Taylor, you will notice that her face has seemingly changed from her younger years to the present day. It’s not just the fact that she wear more eyeshadow or that she gets her hair done by a team of professionals every day, but it is the clear and apparent that there is proof of a Taylor Swift nose job. As you can see in these Taylor Swift nose job before and after photos, her results were pretty close to perfect.

She had an absolutely cute face to begin with, but it is clear that her nose is much more petite than it used to be. The steps in an average nose job tend to be to pinch the tip of the nose, break down the cartilage and then to narrow the bridge of the nose. The before and after on Taylor Swift’s nose job is extremely subtle, but if you inspect very closely, you will see it.

One of the best parts about Taylor Swift’s nose job is that it is not a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. Taylor seems to have more sense of picking plastic surgeons than she does when it comes to picking boys to go out with. If Taylor would have gotten too much work done to her nose, it could have severely affected her chances of getting modeling work and endorsements. It also would hinder her ability to sing and perform for crowds of screaming tweens every night.

If you examine her face a little bit closer, you will also see that her lips are much larger than they used to be. While many people like to speculate lip injections, it’s quite possible that one of her cosmetics contracts gives her access to a brand of lip gloss that makes lips more plump and pouty. If you look down a little further, you may also notice that her breast size is much larger. Some speculate a breast augmentation surgery, but others say that breast growth for women in their early 20’s is extremely common.

Taylor Swift is still young and her body is still going to go through some changes as she gets older. Hopefully Taylor Swift’s nose job does not negatively affect these changes and she can keep singing for many years to come.

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