Pete Burns Plastic Surgery: Drastically Disastrous?

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Disaster

If you are looking for a great example of plastic surgery gone wrong, look no further than Pete Burns. It seems that the man who was born 5 August 1959, really botched his own face with his latest plastic surgery experiments. Pete Burns who is well known for his rock music and eccentric on stage performances never has enough of plastic surgery.

As a result, Pete Burns’ face now looks drastically disastrous (if that makes sense) that many have completely forgotten he is a former Dead or Alive rockstar. Pete Burns was actually a fairly good looking guy in his own way. Maybe not Axl Rose level good looking. But handsome enough to get his female fans excited.

But now Pete Burns has botched his own face and it seems that the plastic surgery was worked out really badly for him. The guy looks like a woman who has had botched plastic surgery for crying out loud.

It’s been a long time rumor that Pete Burns now has cosmetic surgery complications. These rumors were confirmed to be true on a TV show entitled ‘Pete Burns’ Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares’.  In 2007 Pete Burns announced his intention to sue Dr. Maurizio Viel, who performed plastic surgery on his lips, for £1 million. This surgeon must have had a grudge against Pete, I’m telling you.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery also includes…

The big changes on his face, of course were not only caused by just one plastic surgery procedure. Beside the horrible lip augmentation, Pete Burns is also rumored to have had cheek and lip implants and a nose job.

If you look at his face, it is puffier which indication that Pete Burns had cheek implants. And when you combine botched cheek implants with botched lip implant, well, you get a really messed up final result.

He now has more feminine looks combined with stiff frozen expressions, combined further still with swollen facial features. His nose also looks bigger and wider than before. It looked just fine intially.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Degeneration

Pete Burns Bad Plastic Surgery
Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Twisted

It seems that at first Pete Burns’ nose looked good but he overdid even that. Not quite Michael Jackson level but overdone nonetheless. So his nose now  looks abnormal, unnatural and doesn’t match his face.

You know, as much as I have pointed out all the many wrong things about Pete Burns plastic surgery, I actually have nothing against the guy. Maybe I even have something against his plastic surgeons who really messed him up.

So just as a reminder of who Pete Burns really is, remember that he is one of the legendary rock stars of the 80s and was phenomenally great at what he did. That’s why so many people especially his fans regret him ever going under the knife.

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