The Legend Paul McCartney Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

Paul Mccartney Plastic Surgery

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Addict?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether Paul McCartney plastic surgery is  the best decision for him or not. Well, we may say that Paul McCartney is a legend where his name can’t be separated from The Beatles.

Maybe he used to can make every girl scream out his name with that gorgeous face, but our legend in getting old now. Paul McCartney is already 70 years old and he leaves the impression that his face already friendly with plastic surgery scalpel.

Paul McCartney himself never denies that he got plastic surgery especially for the eyes area through eyelid surgery as well as botox and filler injection on his face. Although there are pros and cons about Paul McCartney’s plastic surgery but it’s likely that our legendary singer doesn’t care about it.

It was reported that Paul McCartney has undergone plastic surgery for repeatedly eyelid surgery and regular filler as well as botox injection. He never denies it and openly admitted that he has undergone plastic surgery for those kinds of procedures. Paul McCartney also accused to that procedures of plastic surgery, in that case he denies it and said he doesn’t addicted at all just felt the need to do so.

Paul McCartney, as reported got his first eyelid surgery in December 2007. Before people may noticed that Paul McCartney eyes looks much wider with big eye bag as the sign of aging around it, but precisely on December 2009, people see that his eyes as quite refreshed as the result of eyelid surgery.

Yes, it still there, there are eye bag, but it looks smaller and more sketchy than earlier. It was also reported that Paul McCartney has repeated it again by combining it with botox injection and filler to make his appearance looks much younger than his real age.

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Paul McCartney will always be a legend and no one (probably) can replace him. Although some people regret his decision of plastic surgery for eyelid surgery, botox and filler injection, but they still admire him that bad. Do you have the same view too? Does he looks awful with that plastic surgery procedures? So, please leave comments by sharing your opinion about Paul McCartney plastic surgery here.

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