How Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman has won may awards for her acting in movies such as “Cold Mountain,” “Moulin Rouge!” and several other films. She was a go-to A-list actress in the 1990’s and has also lent her voice to several animated features. One of Nicole’s defining characteristics was her youthful appearance and effortless beauty she brought to all of her roles. It may come as a shock, but these days Nicole sometimes looks like a victim of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Take a look at these photos of a young Nicole Kidman before her plastic surgery and compare them to what she looks like today to get an accurate glimpse into what she has gone through on the operating table.

The first thing you’ll notice is that her botox before and after looks drastically different. Her face has a weird, forced youth due to numerous injections. The botox before and after effects are somewhat jarring and show what can happen if a person keeps on getting them. In addition to her glossed over forehead, it is obvious that she has had lip fillers to enhance the outline of her once thin mouth.

Nicole Kidman’s Breast Augmentation

In addition to getting a tremendous amount of work on her face, Nicole also decided to increase her bra size and get breast augmentation. Unfortunately, if you look at the photo below, her breast augmentation was another plastic surgery gone wrong. One of the implants is not the same size as the other and sinks into her chest rather than enhancing her bust.


Is Plastic Surgery a Substitute for Broken Relationships?

Nicole Kidman was once married to actor Tom Cruise, but the relationship ended abruptly when she would not agree to join his church. Apparently, this divorce completely devastated Nicole and sent her on a downward spiral which is where her foray into plastic surgery began. She probably thought that Tom did not think she was pretty enough and decided to get several procedures done in order to look younger and more appealing to him.

A Last Ditch Attempt for an Aging Star?

Another reason why Nicole Kidman may have gotten so much plastic surgery is because she feared her star was fading and she needed to stay young in order to keep getting work. While Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery gone wrong isn’t as severe as Meg Ryan’s, her face is starting to become more plastic than it is natural. If she doesn’t watch it, she may become a casualty to the operating table instead of having her career end gracefully.

What Is Nicole Kidman Doing These Days?

Nicole Kidman has amassed a fortune from her divorce from Tom Cruise and her stellar career in Hollywood. She is set to star in several movies that are still in post-production and the work does not look like it will be going away anytime soon. That is, if she doesn’t succumb to any more plastic surgery gone wrong.

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