Miley Cyrus Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Miley Cyrus Cosmetic Surgery

Miley Cyrus Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

No pop singer is as on fire right now as Miley Cyrus. She has successfully transformed from a child star on Disney’s “Hannah Montana” into the sexpot of a singer your see and hear today. If you’ve seen her recently, chances are good she wasn’t wearing too much. From her music video for “Wrecking Ball,” where she rode on an actual wrecking ball in the nude, to her performance at the MTV VMAs, where she got freaky on the set with Robin Thicke, today’s Miley Cyrus is a walking, talking and singing sex machine.

If you’ve been following her career, you’ll probably notice that she does not look the same as she once did. For proof, here are some Miley Cyrus before and after pictures that show you just what work she has done on her face.

Miley Has a New Mouth

When she played Hannah Montana, Miley’s mouth was all screwed up. Her teeth went every which way and her lips made it look even more noticeable. After her celebrity plastic surgery, Miley’s mouth is under control and makes her face look even more beautiful. It looks like she has had oral surgery to fix her teeth and some sort of silicone lip injection or implant that covers up the flaws that still remain in her mouth.

Did Miley Cyrus’s Bra Size Increase?

Many people look at Miley Cyrus before and after photos and think that she has gotten a breast augmentation procedure. When you look more closely at photos of her on sites like TMZ, you can clearly see that Miley Cyrus’ bra size has not increased, but she has begun to show off much more cleavage and incorporate more push-up bras into her wardrobe.

Would Miley Cyrus Consider Butt Implants?

Short answer: YES!

Miley Cyrus has started a new infatuation with the style of dancing known as twerking: where a woman bends down and wags her butt all over the air. When she performed at the VMAs it was very clear that her body does not support her dance of choice. Miley had a saggy, flat butt during her performance that was accentuated by the flesh-colored bathing suit she was wearing. If Miley Cyrus were to get butt implants, she probably wouldn’t regret it. People would notice by checking out Miley Cyrus before and after photos, but it would just make her more charming.

What’s Miley Going to Do Next?

Just recently, Miley Cyrus decided to pose topless for photographer named Terry Richardson. She still has a couple of songs that are lingering at the top of the charts and her music videos are getting tons of viewers on YouTube. One thing she may need to work on are her acting skills because her movies never seem to get anywhere at the box office. One thing is for certain, we are not going to see any less of Miley Cyrus any time soon.

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