Mickey Rourke A Classic Example Of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke’s career is that of dramatic failures and triumphant victories. One of the most notable things about his career is his plastic surgery gone wrong that he prominently displays in his movies and television appearances. Why did Mickey Rourke decide to have so many plastic surgery procedures and why does it seem like he is just now becoming a Hollywood mainstay again? Keep reading for answers that may surprise and shock you.

If you take a look at the above Mickey Rourke before and after photos, you can see first-hand his plastic surgery gone wrong. He has tried too hard to get his young face back, with some questionable plastic surgery tactics. His cheek fillers look to be sagging and you can visibly see wrinkle on the temples of his head. His eyes seem to be a little droopy looking and the rest of his face is ravished by his years of hard living. It even looks like he’s had a slight nose job in order to get some of his youth back.

Why Did Mickey Rourke Get So Much Plastic Surgery?

Mickey often cites his problems with drugs and alcohol as the reason for getting so many plastic surgery procedures. He may have gotten so many celebrity plastic surgeries because his judgment became so impaired that he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. He could have gotten so many procedures because he was trying to cover up the effects of his substance abuse. Whatever the reason, he is on the straight and narrow now and not using anymore.

Did Boxing Have Anything to Do With This?

Mickey took time off from acting during the height of his popularity to try his hand at a boxing career. While he was pretty successful, damage was done to his face. While this may be normal for most professional boxers who wear their facial scars with pride, it’s a different story if you’ve made your living based on having a pretty face. Mickey probably couldn’t deal with the fact that his face looked like it did and got surgery to cover it up.

A Return in “Sin City” and “The Wrestler”

In the mid-2000’s, Mickey decided to hang up the gloves and return for a role in the popular “Sin City” movie. He had an obviously scarred and deformed face, but it somehow made his portrayal of his character more realistic. After “Sin City,” he starred in “The Wrestler” which one him critical acclaim.

Using Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong to Get Roles

It seems that Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgery gone wrong has helped him launch himself into new roles such as downtrodden, rough and tumble characters. This is an excellent strategy because he is never going to relive his glory days, but embarking on a new career path as a cautionary tale for the rest of Hollywood makes for compelling stories.

What’s In Store for Mickey Rourke Now?

Mickey Rourke is set to star in a sequel for “Sin City” as well as several other feature films.

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