Linda Evans’ Botched Plastic Surgery:Her Photos Reveal It All

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Before and After Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

It has been a while since Linda Evans doesn’t appear on television and certain talk shows. Linda Evans is known as one of actresses who get multiple plastic surgery procedures. Even for some people it can be said that Linda’s plastic surgery is categorized as botched plastic surgeries. Imagine that Linda goes on needle work on more than 50, a very late age.

Linda openly shares about her experience on plastic surgery procedures when she is interviewed in Oprah Winfrey. The legendary soap star “Dynasty” spent many hours to deal with plastic surgeries. Even, Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon, states that Linda looks like had treatments in all parts of her face.”

What are they? Can you guess?

Linda’s face is possibly had all face areas worked: eyebrow job, eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, lips job, and facelift. Some subtle plastic surgeries and filler injections follow plastic surgery actions. Those eyebrows look over-elevated, and aggressive eyelid cause the hollow eyes. The Rhinoplasty helps her has smaller and more pointed nose.

Linda’s skin looks so tight and frozen. It is good for her at the first, but the aggressive injections will make her face seems frozen. Maybe she doesn’t want to have the saggy skin appear on her face, and that it is.

For her cheek implant, people judge that she did it overdo. When people are getting older, fat in the cheek area will be decreased. Maybe Linda feels so afraid that her face is getting sunken, so she visited surgeon to inject fillers to add volume around her cheek.

Linda Evans’ Botched also had a nose job. It looks like she is obsessed to get the nose refinement for several times. Her nose looks slimmer and smaller now with the pinch tip. I think it has been enough for them at the first Rhinoplasty, unfortunately it doesn’t enough for her, so repeatedly procedures cause the asymmetric and swelling nose cause a terrible unsuitable look.

Why should Linda do plastic surgery?

Linda states that she got the procedures are not because she need to, but she wanted to. She was in love with 12 years younger man, and she wanted to have better looking in front of him.

Should she do it overdo and repeatedly? I don’t think so.

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before After

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