Lee Hyori and Plastic Surgery Before After

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before After Lee Hyori and Plastic Surgery Before After

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Or Pure Growth?

Korean goes international. The language, culture, art and even celebrities start coloring international entertainment. The Korean celebrities are very famous now, and it needs good strategy to maintain the career in entertainment. One of the strategies is maintaining good performance, especially the face and body area, and Lee Hyori knew it. That is why, or maybe this is the reason of Lee Hyori to get plastic surgery.

Besides look like porcelain-skin, it is known that Korean people are famous of thin eyes, relatively flat nose and small breasts, whereas entertainment world needs the beautiful and stunning face with internationally standard.

Back to Hyori, there is a picture of Lee Hyori when she was in senior high school and what we see is very different from recent photos. After seeing her before-after pictures, it is predicted that she had more than one plastic surgery. I suggest that she had eyelid job, nose job, cosmetic dentistry, certain injection on her face, and breast implant.

Lee Hyori’s Eyelid job

She has the characteristics of Asian eyes which are small and drop with big eyelid. The eyelid job will get it elevated and lose the sense of “sleepy face”. Look! She is more attractive with her today’s eyes. The tip of them is refined as well to create new shape eyes.

Lee Hyori’s Nose Job

Like other Korean people, she had flat and rather wide nose. Today, the flat and small nose has been removed and changed by the slimmer and more pointed one. I think it suits for her, because it is not overdone. The nose size is sharp enough for her, not less or too much for her face.

Lee Hyori’s Cosmetic Dentistry

Beside eyelid and nose job, I also predict that Lee has had cosmetic dentistry. I examine her smile time by time on pictures and find that her former teeth are very messy. It is very drastic from her recent shiny and bright smile with very tidy teeth. Lee knows well how to attract people, even with a very little touch on her face and smile. Therefore she also had her face fixed from round chubby face to the slim face like what she has nowadays.

Lee Hyori’s Breast Implant

Another speculation spread on breast implant. It is not a secret anymore that Asian girl has small breasts. Everyone understands it, nor in entertainment. Entertainment forces you to be perfect all the time, so be the most attractive that you can. By having breast augmentation, Lee must be more confident, and it is good for her. I also appreciate this part that she has very good portion of breast. It is done just for her need.

Pros and cons are found when discussing about Lee Hyori plastic surgery. The pros appreciate on her effort in maintaining appearance in entertainment world moreover she did it well, not too much. On the other hand, the cons believe that what she did is useless. She is Asian and she should behave normally other Asian girl. It is not good for her to change herself like this, like other western women.

So, what is your opinion? Do you pro or con on Lee Hyori plastic surgery? Feel free to give your comments.

Lee Hyori Nose Job Eyelid Job Lee Hyori and Plastic Surgery Before After

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