Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery: Would She Look Better Without It?

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before After

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Or Pure Growth?

She has finally made it onto the international stage. It has become a trend of late for Korean actors and actresses. But with international success comes a whole new dimension of pressure. As an actress, if you want a mere sniff at success in Hollywood, you MUST look appealing or by phenomenally talented. An acting phenom. But which is easier? Looking good of course. And so when she emerged from the shadows looking brand new, the Lee Hyori plastic surgery rumors began.

If you compare pictures of Lee Hyori when she was in senior high school with recent photos you will notice that she looks noticeably different. Of course part of the difference is due to ageing. But part of it looks unnatural. After seeing her before-after pictures, it seems that she had more than one plastic surgery. We suspect that she had

  • an eyelid job,
  • a nose job,
  • cosmetic dentistry,
  • certain injections on her face,
  • and breast implants (because hers look bigger than most Koreans her size).

Lee Hyori’s Eyelid job

She has the characteristic  Asian eyes which are small and drop with big eyelids. The eyelid job probably  helped her elevate them and eliminate that “sleepy face” look. She seems more attractive with her “new” eyes. The tips of her eyes also look refined hence changing the shape.

Lee Hyori’s Nose Job

Like other Korean people, she had a flat and rather wide nose. Today, the flat and small nose has been transformed into a slimmer and more pointed one. I think it suits her, because it is not overdone. The nose size is sharp enough for her, and is not overdone.

Lee Hyori’s Cosmetic Dentistry

Beside eyelid and nose surgery , it also looks like Lee had cosmetic dentistry. If you examine her smile on her pictures over the years her teeth look like they have changed unnaturally. Recent photos reveal very shiny and bright teeth. You would have to have been super focused on your teeth to have them looking like that without any cosmetic dentistry.

Lee Hyori’s Breast Implant

Then of course we have the breast implant rumors. It is not a secret that Asian girls have relatively smaller bodies and therefore relatively smaller breasts. Everyone understands it, but not the entertainment world.

The entertainment world literally forces you to be perfect all the time, because people want eye candy. By having breast augmentation, Lee probably feels more confident, and that’s good for her. If she had implants they have left her with breasts that still look proportionate to the rest of her body.

Overall, she looks like pretty and so her plastic surgery has worked out rather nicely for her. And that is a compliment because she was always pretty anyway.

So, what is your opinion on the Lee Hyori plastic surgery rumors? Do you think she looks appealing or should she have ignored the expectations of some people and remained natural? Do you think she went under the knife in the first place?

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery

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