Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery:Are The Rumors True?

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Lana Del Rey seemingly came out of nowhere and took the Billboard charts by storm. Her style of 1950’s-esque crooning and pin-up looks make her stand out from the rest of modern pop singers. She has become a style icon for the Urban Outfitters generation and has made tons of money on both her music and her looks.

But have you ever seen her before she got famous? If you look at Lana Del Rey’s before and after plastic surgery pictures you might be surprised at what you see. It is apparent that Lana Del Rey underwent a complete transformation in her physical appearance before she broke out as a star in the music industry.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

When you get a glimpse of these before and after pictures of Lana Del Rey, you can obviously spot that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery procedures.

In the original before photo, you can see that Lana is a cute looking girl with a shoulder length blonde haircut just getting her start in the world of entertainment. The after photo shows that she has had extensive plastic surgery on her lips, possible cheek fillers and a couple of other procedures that make her face look tighter and glossier than before. While she probably hasn’t had work done on her eyes, she wears a lot of heavy makeup to make them look much more dramatic than she did when she was younger.

Is Lana Del Rey Too Manufactured?

Part of the criticism Lana Del Rey receives is that she is too manufactured. Many people wonder where she actually came from. Was she just injected with lip fillers and and sent out to a stage to make money for a record company?

Despite the criticisms of her being too manufactured and having too much plastic surgery, her music resonates with a lot of people and some of her songwriting is absolutely genius.

Are We Expecting Too Much from Our Pop Singers?

If you go back a couple of decades and get a glimpse of the pop stars of the 70’s, you will see that they often looked average, and glamorous only if they were part of a huge production. Today’s pop stars must look like models because of the constant media attention they receive. They also need to maintain an image because it more often than not sells more music than the actual singing, playing and songwriting itself.

Lana Del Rey’s plastic surgery  stemmed from her belief that it would set her apart from the competition and give her an edge. Partly because of her look and partly because of her singing, she is one of the most popular singers around today, is featured on tons of magazines, and has headlined Lollapalooza. All she has to do to keep her stardom is make sure her lip fillers don’t fall flat.

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