Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery: How To Lose Your Natural Beauty

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery

Before and After Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery

Are Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery rumors true? She used to be a beautiful woman indeed, until plastic surgery changed her appearance today, which according to some people it seems unnatural for a woman in her 60s. The cast of character Sabrina Duncan in popular 1970s’ series Charlie’s Angels seems one of actresses whom afraid of aging problems. And plastic surgery procedure seems become her favorite method to overcome her fear.

Her changes, mainly in facial area, firstly noticed by people in 2006 where some parts of her face were like under the knife. Some parts of her former naturally beautiful face seem changed and more lifted. Soon after that Kate Jackson became a target of media and plastic surgeons to reveal for what she had done.

So, What Kind of Plastic Surgery Procedures She Had?

As you can see clearly on her face area in the before after pictures, facelift is the proper word to describe for what she got. How can we are unable to see any wrinkles in a woman’s face in her 64? Even contrarily, her face is too tight. Yes, it’s too tight for a 60s lady, isn’t it?

Her face changes obviously can be seen in some parts, like in eyes area, forehead, lips, and cheeks. In the eyes area we can compare it easily that her eyes seem much lifted. This is come from her lifted eyelid which tells us that Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery doing its job. And her brow, as well as her eyelid makes effect to her lifted eyes. There is no word can be use beside the browlift to explain this.

Now let’s discuss about Kate Jackson’s lips which seem relatively much changed from what she had decades ago. Today, we obviously would difficult to find the sweet smile of Kate Jackson like she had in 70s or 80s. Lip fillers, like Restylane or Juvederm seem the cause of her asymmetrical smile. It’s likely a bad news for her big fans.

Other parts of Kate Jackson’s face which said under plastic surgery procedure are forehead and cheeks. It is a hard work to see wrinkles in her forehead, which is mean Botox did its job well. And in cheeks area, cheek implant is the popular way to preserve the slack problem when you are getting older.

And now let’s see the result of Kate Jackson’s plastic surgery from her before and after pictures. Everyone has their opinion, and I’m surely want to say that Kate Jackson gone too far with plastic surgery and would like to say that she had bad plastic surgery. Let’s hope that she is not making further mistakes with plastic surgery.

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery

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