Julie Andrews Had Plastic Surgery for Facelift?

Julie Andrews Plastic Surgery Julie Andrews Had Plastic Surgery for Facelift?

Julie Andrews used to be a Broadway singer, and she had a really good voice. Before she realized that her voice would lose for a long time.  Julie Andrews is 77 years old now. She is old, isn’t she? But she still looked younger than her age now. Of course the people would guess that the lady might have plastic surgery to keep her face younger. In this case, the facelift and botox might have a great influence in making her look like nowadays.

A wrinkle-less face, and tight skin she has that made the speculation strongly right. Honestly there’s another story behind her career that made people paid attention to her. This is about her losing voice in the past. As many people know that Julie Andrew is a singer of Broadway, she was very popular at that time before the voice she is proud of, lost. She didn’t appear for a long time. Then, she decided to go under throat surgery, hoping that it could help to bring her voice back. But the plastic surgery she had didn’t run well.

And Steven Zeitel appeared as her hero. The professor had successfully made a thing like a gel which was injected on Julia’s vocal chord in order to heal the scarring. It need times to heal it, besides, the gel was not only injected once, but twice a year. After waiting for long time, combining with some treatment, she could feel that her voice slowly but surely back to a normal one.

She had ever been invited to take an interview with OPRAH. She is so inspiring lady who didn’t lose hope even though the important thing in her life not always be beside her. The gel itself nowadays had been used widely.

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