Jennette McCurdy Bra Size: What’s Plastic Surgery Got To do With It?

Jennette McCurdy bra size

Jennette McCurdy, born as Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy on June 26, 1992 is a famous American singer, songwriter, and actress. Rising to fame through her role of Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, this celebrity is making her name as an acclaimed country pop singer. Jennette underwent a recent growth spurt, leading to many curious fans wondering about Jennette McCurdy bra size.

Jennette McCurdy Bra Size Drastic Change

When Jennette McCurdy bra size underwent a drastic transformation in the summers of 2010,many reporters and fans began to speculate that she had breast augmentation surgery, also known as ‘boob job’.However, Jennette laid all these speculations to rest when she told everyone about her growth spurt, that lead to a more curvaceous body.

Recent research shows that Jennette McCurdy bra size is a 32 C, which compliments perfectly with her 5 feet 3 inch frame. Her pictures show no sign of undergoing any kind of surgery, her breast look quite naturally curvy.

Jennette vehemently denies undergoing any kind of breast enlargement procedure, and as you can see that it’s not just Jennette McCurdy bra size that underwent a change, it’s the whole of her! We suspect it’s the magic of the natural growth hormones rather than plastic surgery that has worked wonders for this beautiful girl.

In an interview with the Seventeen Magazine, in August of this year Jennette talked frankly about her body image issues. She discussed how her sudden growth sprout initially made her uncomfortable. She also complained about the wardrobe malfunctions she faced due to the drastic change in the size of her breasts, which practically doubled in one summer! However, she has accepted her new curvaceous body, and believes she can make the best out it.

In the recent times when Taylor Swift is the queen of country music, we are witnessing Jennette McCurdy make her name, surely and prominently. An endearing actress, who played the role of adorable Samantha Puckett has now transformed into a sexy, curvy vixen with a sensuous and alluring voice. However, she still retains a full round face that gives innocence to her character, and reminds viewers of the adorable character she played as child actress.

Jennette McCurdy has a classical apple figure, which is accentuated by full breasts and lustrous blonde hair; she further enhances her sex appeal by sporting trendy low cut dresses, or dresses with hugging bodice.

Jennette McCurdy has a beautiful voice, and an equally stunning body, that is naturally sexy. However, Jennette is much more than just a bra size! She is an amazing person, who is the ambassador of Starlight Children’s Foundation, an amazing actress, a loving daughter, a talented songwriter, a gifted singer, and much more. We hope Jennette remains all natural, and we get to appreciate her god-gifted beauty for a long time!

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