Eminem Plastic Surgery: His Been Looking A Little Strange Of Late

Eminem Plastic Surgery

Eminem Plastic Surgery: Before and After

The plastic surgery about Eminem is not new news actually. But however, it always becomes a hot and interesting topic to discuss. People, especially rap lovers seem lost about the former face of Eminem. Eminem has changed by some plastic surgery procedures. Although there was no official statement from him, but most people can’t hide their surprise over the rapper’s new face. So, he did or didn’t?

Eminem is started surprising public with her new appearance in 2009. He came with different face, just like other person with the name “Eminem”. Look at his after-picture, his face so stiff. It’s much different with his face in the past. What was happen with his face?

Eminem suspected has botox on his face. It is make his face area looks too smooth and too stiff. Look at his forehead. It is like made of porcelain.

We all know Eminem is getting older, maybe this is the reason why he needs botox, so he can looks younger.

Let’s examine his face parts. Look at his eye. Does it look different to you? I bet you will say yes. The Eminem’s eyes’ change is one thing that makes his gaze so different. He like always make blank stares. It’s clear that he has work done in the eyes. The eyelift is only word to explain Eminem’s eyes.

Although plastic surgery is the most reasonable reason for Eminem’s face, but some people said that his face change is not come from plastic surgery, but the effect of his drugs in the past, weight loss and stress.

Okay, I don’t know what your opinion is, then just tell people your mind about Eminem here. I just want to say that his today’s face just more like 3D model. Stiff, stiff and stiff! Let’s hope he will get something better on his face in the future.

Eminem Plastic Surgery
Eminem Plastic Surgery Rumors

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