Cher Has Bad Plastic Surgery: Before And After Pictures

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cher Plastic Surgery – Then and Now

If you against celebrities’ plastic surgery, Cher is one the most you blame for because of her bad plastic surgery. Everyone knows that she is obsessed in beauty. Can you guess how many plastic surgery procedures she had? Maybe your fingers are not enough to count it.

The enhancements are what commonly done by celebrities such as Rhinoplasty, facelit and Botox. The mistake is that she does it too much, overdone. Yeah, everyone is able to predict what will happen when you do something overdone. Great! It will not work well. Oddly, Cher makes a joke about her series of plastic surgeries. She states, “You can call me the plastic surgery poster girl.”

Cher is a famous American singer and actress, known as a multitalented artist in entertainment. She is 67 in this year and proud of plastic surgeries.

Can you give suggestion what kind of procedures she had?

The very first plastic surgery she had is Rhinoplasty. The origin nose is flat and small, so she replaced it with the sharper one. Cher also has very smooth forehead. There are no any wrinkles and lines found around eyes and mouth that indicate consistent Botox injection and chemical peel facial treatment. Unfortunately, it is overdone.

Cher did it too much so her face looks so smooth even the mosquito will be slipped fly over her face. It is also predicted she had blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelid, because her eyes look like pulled and lack additional skin.

Did she also have cheek implant, like others have?

Cher says no. Although Cher plastic surgery was rather bad, but she left some original parts, such as cheek. She says it is very strange to remove and add something especially on your face. If you see her nose looks different, it is certain just the effect of different make-up.

How about other plastic surgery procedures? Did she do it?

She had breast implant, but it has been removed. Cher states that her breasts are bigger after she delivered Chastity, and she wanted them to be deflated.

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