Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery: Can You Guess What She’s Had Done?

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Who doesn’t know this stunning actress? Yes, the wonderful Cameron Diaz. She is known best from her acting in some successful films like “The Mask”, or more lately “The Counselor”. Today, she is suspected had some plastic surgery procedures, again. Yes, it is not her first experience gossiped on plastic surgery. In fact, fans have understood that she had breast implant and some jobs on her face.

What now?

The newest news about her fail relationship with a baseball star has been known by public. Maybe this is the reason why she changes. I predict she wants to prove herself as a beautiful young single woman.

In recent pictures, Cameron looks unusual, as commented by Dr. Anthony Youn. Cameron Diaz has smooth forehead, and bright shiny face skin. It is the sign of Botox injections. I’m not sure whether she had more than that because Botox and chemical peels have helped enough to gain the smooth skin and better appearance.

As I talked before, this is not the first experience of her having plastic surgery. Previously she had nose job in 2006, but her reason it was just the medical treatment after getting a very bad accident when she was surfing.

After that, she had breast augmentation. She didn’t claim it but we can see it clearly, don’t we? After that, the Charlie’s Angels and My Best Friend’s Wedding star says she doesn’t have any procedures done. Do you believe on her?

Then there are the nose job rumors. Whether or not they are true is debatable. She may indeed have had one or the camera angles or lighting are deceiving us yet again. If all the rumors are true, which is rarely the case, Cameron Diaz has had:

  • Botox Injections
  • A boob job
  • and possibly a nose job

Cameron Diaz Breast Augmentation

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