Anna Faris Plastic Surgery: What’s Up With Her Different Smile And Eyes?

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Rumors

We can’t deny the fact that Anna Faris is sexy and beautiful, but is this star sexy and beautiful because she has had plastic surgery? Anna Faris is well known as the one of the best actresses in Hollywood, she has appeared in many television shows and movies, and her newest role is in the comedy film ‘The Dictator’. I don’t think anyone out there would deny that Anna Faris is a very beautiful woman with glowing skin and a girl next door quality to her. However, are the Anna Faris plastic surgery rumors all true?

Yeah, because it is Hollywood, the world’s entertainment capital where outer appearance is extremely important. These celebrities find themselves constantly in the spotlight. They are always being followed by paparazzi and they always have to go to media events, etc… In other words, they always have to make sure that they are looking their best. Without a doubt, there’s been a ton of changes with Anna Faris over the years and it’s rumored to be due to plastic surgery.

If you pay close attention to the photos of her you will find that her body has changed over the years. One of the most evident signs found on her body that points to plastic surgery is the fact that her breasts are much larger now than they were before. The closer you look, the more changes you will spot. For instance, take a look at her lips, chin and cheeks.

Did she have plastic surgery or implants, or something? Here in this article there are some photos of Anna Faris taken over the course of her acting career. It’s easy to see that there have been some major changes with her body and face.

Many fans and media noticed that she has had Botox injections on her eyebrows, chin and cheek, and also some work with her breast. Looks like silicon injection, since the different between past photos of Anna Faris and her today photos are different.

The other spot that has changed is her nose. Her nose now is much smaller; which indicates that she had plastic surgery or Rhinoplasty. Her eyes are also quite different now, versus the past. Basically, it looks like Anna Faris may have gotten some contacts to change her eye color.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Transformation

The most obvious thing about her plastic surgery is on her lips, it can be seen clearly if she is laughing, her lips is thinner than before and also the thin is sharper than before. Anna Faris herself never spoke about the surgery, but we can do analyze her change by ourselves, by her before after pictures.

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